Milktooth Try At-Home Program: The Best Way to Find Your Ideal Switch

Choosing switches for your keyboard can be tough. With so many options on the market, it’s hard to decide on a singular switch. While there are switch testing kits available online, they tend to be pricey. Nobody should have to pay a large fee for simply testing switches. Fortunately, Milktooth hopes to eliminate paying to test switches and make it easier for newcomers to build their own custom mechanical keyboards.

How Does the Program Work?

Milktooth has a simple mission; helping you discover the right switch, for free. All you have to do is choose from one of their sample packs, test the switches, pick your favorite(s), and send the package back. It’s really that simple. The program is entirely free, including shipping and return shipping. You get a total of 5 days to test the switches, giving you plenty of time to choose the ideal switch. Milktooth even has a switch quiz available if you’re still unsure what type of switch you like. Currently, the program is invite-only.

What to Expect

On September 22nd, 2022, I received my package from Milktooth. The box is small and features a print of their logo. More importantly, on the inside, you can find 5 rows of varying switches. A return label for when the 5 days are up is also included. I ordered their variety sample pack and received Ink Box Blacks, Silent Ink Blacks, T1s, Silent T1s, and Box Whites. The selection of switches really shows the attention to detail Milktooth put into this project. Linear, tactile, and clicky switches are included with their variety pack, as well as their silent counterparts. The unique selection allows the consumer to select a fitting switch.

Milktooth Switch Kit

The Testing Pallets

The individual switch pallets, as I like to call them, provide you with an accurate idea of the switch’s sound and feel. Each kit includes 5 different pallets (rows of 8), each filled with a different switch. Before buying switches, most people usually listen to sound tests to help decide their ultimate switch. Though with Milktooth, you can physically test the switches. Using the switches in person makes it easier to eliminate switches you dislike and find which one best suits you. The pallets themselves are 3D printed. Each one has an attached tag with the name of the switch on it. Clear keycaps are present on the top as well. Overall, I enjoyed using the pallets. I even found a new switch that I like, Silent T1s.

Milktooth Switch Pallets

What if the Consumer Doesn’t Like Any of the Switches Received?

Here’s what the owner of Milktooth had to say on this subject:

If a customer doesn’t like any of the switches received, he/she is not obligated to buy. But we try to do everything we can to make sure there’s at least one switch in their try at-home kit that they love. This includes our switch quiz, sound tests on each switch page, and the live chat button to respond to any questions customers may have. The goal is that customers will have chosen the 5 best switches for them by the time they order and receive their try at-home kits; hopefully, this eliminates the chance of all 5 switches being a bad fit for them.

My Thoughts

I believe Milktooth will be very successful as a vendor. Their try at-home program makes it more likely for customers to come back. They also provide completely free shipping, something most shops won’t offer. Everything Milktooth has done so far has been dealt with complete thought and precision. I really like the direction Milktooth is headed and I highly recommend checking them out.