EnjoyPBT Sky Dolch Review – Where Quality Matches Price

A new set of keycaps can be one of the best investments to freshen your mechanical keyboard. However, quality keycaps are almost never in stock or are resold for outrageous prices. In our search for the best budget-friendly keycap set, we have discovered EnjoyPBT Sky Dolch as a worthy contender.

Within this article, you will find a comprehensive review of EnjoyPBT Sky Dolch or henceforth any other Doubleshot ABS EnjoyPBT set

In the Box

There are a total of 153 keycaps in the box, containing 3 stacked trays of keycaps. This is enough keycaps for just about any layout. Additionally, the packaging is perfect for storage when not in use.

EnjoyPBT Sky Dolch keycaps divided into 3 sets of trays.


Besides price and quality, the two things you need to consider when buying keycaps are profile and material. EnjoyPBT Sky Dolch is a set of Cherry profile keycaps. However, the “f” and “j” keys are scooped down a bit while most other sets have a slight bump. In our opinion, this change looks much more appealing.

As mentioned earlier, this particular ePBT set is made from a Doubleshot ABS plastic. ABS delivers a higher-pitched sound signature, better colors, and no warping. Over time, ABS keycaps develop shine under constant use, either a pro or con, depending on your preference.


EnjoyPBT Sky Dolch features amazing aesthetics in our opinion. The theme matches any of ePBT’s “Dolch” lines though the legends are printed in a “sky” blue rather than the more common white. The colors are very vibrant and saturated. This unique combination of colors looks amazing on gray, blue, or even monochrome keyboards.


At first, we had low expectations for the quality of the keycaps since it is a $70 set. However, the quality of the set blew us away. The legend printing is flawless and there are absolutely no rough edges. Comparing this to other Doubleshot ABS sets we’ve had, this set truly holds the best quality.

Quality of EnjoyPBT Sky Dolch keycaps.


When shopping for keycaps, it’s important to take sound into consideration. As mentioned earlier, ABS plastic produces a generally higher-pitched and softer sound as to what PBT would. PBT keycaps have a deeper sound compared to ABS. Keep in mind, ABS is a much thinner plastic which leads to the difference in sound.


Compared to other keycap sets, EnjoyPBT Sky Dolch is relatively inexpensive. GMK keycaps can hold prices of $100+ dollars while ePBT’s Doubleshot ABS sets are priced at around $70. The more reasonable price difference does not take away from the set’s quality.

Keycaps:ePBT KeycapsGMK KeycapsHyperX KeycapsAKKO Keycaps

GMK Keycaps

GMK keycaps are quite similar to ePBT in terms of manufacturing. Like EnjoyPBT, GMK keycaps are made from a Doubleshot ABS plastic and are Cherry profile. GMK keycaps are priced higher than ePBT because they offer a much larger variety of colorways and their keycaps utilize Cherry’s original molding equipment. While it’s true GMK keycaps have higher quality and more desired plastic, in our testing we found ePBT and GMK to be nearly identical aside from texture and legend size. Despite the differences, both sets will deliver an enjoyable typing experience for many years to come.

HyperX Pudding Keycaps

HyperX Pudding keycaps come in only 2 colors, black and white. The set is OEM profile and is made of Doubleshot PBT plastic. Even so, they are pudding keycaps meaning there is a translucent layer under the opaque top plastic allowing RGB to shine through. The keycaps only start to shine after years of use since they are PBT. Additionally, the set comes with a total of 104 keycaps which is enough to fit a full size keyboard or almost anything below. The HyperX set of keycaps are lower quality compared to the ePBT, GMK, and AKKO sets because they are thin and don’t retain that “premium” feeling when typing. However, the low priced HyperX Pudding keycaps, could be a good starter choice for a budget minded consumer.

AKKO Keycaps

Like GMK, AKKO keycaps are quite similar to ePBT keycaps. They are made of a Doubleshot PBT plastic and are Cherry profile. Side by side, the keycaps look fairly similar in terms of quality. However, flipping the keycaps reveals their main flaw. The stems of some keycaps are deformed which makes the keycaps very loose on switches. We’re not sure if it was just our set that was affected by this issue, nonetheless it is quite unfortunate. However, upon reading many external reviews on the AKKO keycaps, we discovered users reporting the same issue. If the AKKO keycap set did not have the prevalent deformity, it would compete nearly equally with ePBT sets. Apart from the flaw, the set’s aesthetics are on par with ePBT. 

The Verdict

Overall, Doubleshot ABS ePBT keycap sets are one of the best and most affordable options for anyone in the market for a new set of keycaps. The Sky Dolch set has amazing aesthetics with vibrant colors. No other keycap set can match their quality, especially at the $70 price point.