Durock POM Linear Review – The Ideal Linear Experience

JWK recolors have pretty much dominated the linear switch market. Lately, more and more custom keyboard builds have been utilizing these same switches. With each of these switches being so similar, a lot of builds have begun to sound the same. Though with the launch of the Durock POM Linear switch, this soon may change. Introducing the Durock POM Linear, the new standard for linear switches. 

Composition of a POM Switch

Top Housing: Polyoxymethylene (POM)

Stem: Mystery Material 

Spring: 63.5g Gold-Plated

Bottom Housing: Polyoxymethylene (POM)

Pin Layout: 5 Pin

What Makes it Different?

Even though this switch may be considered a JWK recolor since it is made in the same factory, it is actually quite the opposite. Traditional JWK recolors are made up of a Nylon PA Bottom Housing, a Polycarbonate Top Housing, and a POM Stem. However, the Durock POM Linear is made up of a full POM housing, and a mystery blend of plastics for the stem. While both POMs and JWK recolors utilize the same molding, the materials are completely different.

What is “POM”?

POM, short for Polyoxymethylene, is a low friction thermoplastic used in the Durock POM Linear. The POM plastic can be described as “Self-Lubricating”, as mentioned with the NK Cream switch. When friction is created within the switch, it smoothens the housings out over time. The longer you use the switch, the smoother it will become. Nevertheless, it’s always better to just lube your switches, but this makes “breaking them in” much easier.

Switch Appearance

The appearance of the Durock POM Linear can be described as monochrome. It features a full black housing and a white long-pole stem. However, when you pop open the switch you’ll notice a Gold-Plated spring. The inside of the switch is also completely dry, which can either be good or bad depending on who you are. Though we think dry switches, in general, are better due to the inconsistency of factory lube.

Stem Comparison

Upon closer inspection, we discovered that JWK linear switches and Durock POM Linears utilize nearly identical molding. When you look at the stems of the switches side by side you can see that the POM’s stem is a bit longer, whereas on a JWK linear switch the stem is slightly shorter.

Wobble Test

Housing wobble can heavily impact a switch’s sound. In our testing, we found a tiny bit of stem wobble. However, because stem wobble is normal among linear switches, it should not alter the switch’s sound as long as there is no housing wobble. Since the POM switch has outstanding tight housing and zero housing wobble, the switch will require no film. Unlike POMs, JWK linear switches, unfortunately, feature housing wobble. The POM’s absence of housing wobble may have something to do with a recently updated mold from the factory though we are unsure. 

Switch Feel

The Durock POM Linear’s switch feel can be described as smooth with or without lube. However, the bottom out of a POM switch is much different than what a JWK linear switch would have. The bottom out of a JWK linear switch can be best described as being weightless. Though Durock POM switches have a “heavy” and “rounded” bottom out. This is due to the switch’s long-pole stem which hits the bottom housing creating a “thud”.

Despite the smoothness, it is always recommended to lube your switches.

Switch Sound

The POM’s sound signature can be described as “sharp” and “clacky” with a slight scratch. However, this is extremely common amidst stock linear switches. Aside from that, the switch has prevalent spring-ping. Though both of these minor issues can easily be fixed with various lubes such as Krytox GPL105 (to fix spring-ping) or Krytox 205g0 (to fix scratchiness). 

Compared to other JWK linear switches, the sound defects are practically the same. However, we would still go with the POM switch over any JWK linear switch because of its unique sound signature. Overall, the sound of a regular JWK linear switch is almost plain though POMs have much more liveliness to them.


The Durock POM Linear is obviously at a steeper price point compared to other popular linear switches on the market. However, after reading this comprehensive review, it is for you to decide if they are worth the higher price.

Switch:Durock POMJWK LinearGateron YellowNK Cream
Price Per Switch:.$70.$55.$23.$65

The Verdict

To conclude, the Durock POM Linear is one of the best linear switches available on the market. You simply can’t go wrong with putting them on your keyboard. With their unique sound signature and POM structure, this switch may be considered end game. We highly recommend this switch to anyone in the market for a smooth, reliable, and overall amazing experience.

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