Tempest Tape Mod Tutorial: Explained and Demonstrated

Using the same mechanical keyboard can often become stale or plain after a while. Though, of course, there are many options to modify your keyboard for a more enjoyable typing experience. In our search for the best possible mod (in terms of pricing/sound difference), we discovered that the tempest tape mod is the best choice that fits this criteria.

What is the Tempest Tape Mod?

The tempest tape mod is a keyboard modification that includes putting layers of tape on the back of a keyboard’s PCB. Generally, the best types of tape for this mod are masking or painter’s tape though any tape that doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind should do the job.

Tempest Tape Mod applied to keyboard.

What does it Do?

There have been varied reports on the effect this mod has on mechanical keyboards. However, the most notable differences include the keyboard sounding louder, more “poppy”, and more muted. The next header dives into all the details and explains how the mod works.

Benefits of the Tempest Tape Mod.

How does it Work?

There is no concrete answer to how this mod works, however, we have constructed an accurate presumption towards this mod’s effect on mechanical keyboards. When sound is created, the tape absorbs certain parts of the sound and any remaining sound gets reflected, creating that “poppy” sound signature. To get a better idea of how it works, we can compare the mod to foam. The purpose of foam is to reduce hollowness within the keyboard case. It absorbs any and all noises generated within the keyboard case. Unlike the tempest mod, no sound is reflected, hence why it leaves no remaining hollowness.

Best Tape for the Tempest Mod

You may skip this section if you already have the appropriate tape lying around. However, continue reading if you would like to know what is the best tape for this mod. Our team has tested various kinds of tape for this mod and surprisingly found “Frog Tape” to work the best. It is a brand of painter’s tape that arguably gives the best results in terms of sound. It also adheres really well and is easy to take off.

Frog Tape.

4 Steps to the Tempest Tape Mod

Modding is no easy task. With these 4 steps, your keyboard will be modded in no time. After you’ve added the tape, you can enjoy your new and great-sounding keyboard.

Step #1. Disassemble the Keyboard

This step is self-explanatory though first, you must disassemble your keyboard. Whether the case is made up of two halves or is whole, open up the keyboard to reveal its key components.

Keyboard in the process of disassembly.

Step #2. Take out the PCB

Once the keyboard has been opened, take out the PCB. If switches (and keycaps) are attached to the PCB, it’s perfectly fine to leave them in place! Just make sure to flip it around to where you are able to see the hot-swap sockets/soldering points.

Keyboard PCB.

Step #3. Get to Taping

Once you’ve chosen what tape you are going to use for this mod, whip it out. Before you begin, determine how many layers of tape you plan to stick to the PCB. Personally, we think 2-5 layers is a good amount of tape to place on the back of any PCB. Keep in mind, how many layers of tape you decide to utilize as the sound becomes more muted with each additional layer of tape.

Start by stretching out the tape to the appropriate length of the PCB and stick it on. After you’ve done that, cut the tape and make sure no overhang is left. Repeat this until you have covered the entirety of the back of your PCB. The image below demonstrates how it should look once it’s finished. Feel free to add as much tape as you desire, after all, it’s truly your preference.

Tape being applied to keyboard PCB.

Step #4. Close up the Keyboard

The mod is nearly done, all that is left is to do is close up the keyboard. Whichever way your keyboard is designed, simply close it, and enjoy your newly modified keyboard.

Assembled and tape modded keyboards.

Full Video


All members of our team have tested the mod and were extremely pleased with the results. Most anyone can accomplish the tempest tape mod due it being one of the easier and more user-friendly mod options available. The best part is that the only item required is something most people generally have lying around their house! Overall, we highly recommend this mod for anyone that wants to enhance the sound of their keyboard. We hope this article was informative (and/or helpful) in delivering enough information so you can try this mod too.

Thank you for reading and have fun!